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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and a Reflection on Beauty Standards

On December 2nd, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired on television, and I did not watch. America’s beauty standards have evolved with each passing generation, but the arbitrary nature of them remains constant.

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21 Things I Have Learned in 21 Years

I am approaching my 21st birthday. And while age is just an arbitrary number blah blah blah, this one is a number that has been hyped up for my entire life. At age 16 I could drive, but I couldn’t vote. At 18 I could drive and vote but I couldn’t drink. At 21 I can do all of the above but I still can’t rent a car. I guess the theory is that with age comes wisdom, and with each milestone we’re supposed to have gathered enough knowledge of the world to become legally responsible for various things.

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Self Care Ideas for When the Face Masks Stop Working

Ah, self-care. Disclaimer: I’m not a therapist, and I can only speak from my own experience. But in my experience, when the topic of self-care emerges in conversation, most of the suggestions revolve around doing a face mask, taking a bath, or binge-watching a series on Netflix. All of these activities are lovely and I do recommend partaking in them, but they do not offer long-term solutions to stress or accurately depict what self-care is really about.

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What It’s Like Being a Woman During the Summer

Ladies, summer is officially here. This is it. There’s no use fighting it anymore. Any social interaction for the next three months will involve stepping outside and taking in the beautiful weather. That means it’s time to have at least one hand on sunscreen and one eye on the nearest shady area at all times – this is not a drill. Say your prayers to Rihanna or whoever you believe in that we make it out of this one alive.


Take Another Little Piece: The Life and Times of Janis Joplin

Amid the fraternity of beatniks arose a young Janis Joplin – spunky, acne-scarred, and hungry for action. It was within the romantic, countercultural landscape that Joplin rose to fame as a rock icon, rebelled against feminine conventionality, and climatically fell at the hands of an overblown, self-destructive generational identity. Her short-lived career firmly planted a strong female image into popular music that rejected the sexist disposition of her industry and presented new and controversial commentaries on sexuality and personal liberation from an empowered feminine perspective.

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The Mysterious Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

Everyone knows the name Amelia Earhart. She has been a staple figure in elementary school history classes for generations, and most people have a sense of the basic information: famous pilot, first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, disappeared mysteriously. But that’s pretty much where the description ends for a lot of us. What your second grade teacher did not tell you is that Amelia Earhart was a published writer, a remarkable feminist and champion of women’s rights, and 82 years later, the search for the long lost pilot is not over.


Aija Mayrock: Anti-Bullying Activist Gives a Voice to the Voiceless

Through spoken word, writing, and film, Aija tackles social issues by combining her personal experiences with compassion for both the aggressor and the victim.